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Pure Barre and the Top Barre Studios in Atlanta

Pure Barre and the Top Barre Studios in Atlanta

2016 data that highlights fitness trends across the United States revealed that different cities have different ways to get moving, grooving, and the blood flowing. In Atlanta, the trend across the city is barre classes, giving birth to a number of Pure Barre Atlanta gyms and classes offered.

Pure Barre Atlanta

Most women in The A prefer to get their legs shaking in ballet barre, either before or after work. So if you’re on the lookout for popular women workouts in Atlanta, try ballet barre.

The options for Atlanta workouts for women, however, varies widely and the explosion of smaller niche gyms along with more traditional facilities guarantee that there is a gym for the kind of workout you want to do.

Top Barre Studios in Atlanta

Pure Barre Chastain

This is where you can get the best total body barre workout in Atlanta. Designed for women, joining a class means becoming a part of a community of empowered women looking to stay fit, sculpt their body, and boost mental health. If you’re looking for the best Pure Barre Atlanta gym, choose Pure Barre Chastain.


Apart from ballet barre, Exhale has Cardio, Cycle, HIIT, and Yoga classes. They also offer best-in-class spa therapies for when you want to recover from a rigorous workout session or when you simply want to relax. Enjoy acupuncture, facials, massage, nails, and waxing.

The Barre Scene

Does it sound like The Barre Scene is more of a bar than a gym to you? Well, that’s because it is a boutique style studio that combines hanging out and working out in one place. The drinks menu, however, is all healthy. The real knockout is the mix of exercises in one class. For instance, one session includes a barre class and boxing.


Choose from any of the four classes—FlyBarre 60, FlyBarre Sport, Arms & Abs, and Power 45, and start toning and strengthening your muscles. At FlyBarre, workout sessions are never boring since routines are frequently switched up. Regardless of the routine you are doing, however, you are assured that your arms, thighs, glutes, and cores are given a good workout.

4 Best Workouts for Women in Atlanta

While there are plenty of workout routines that ladies in Atlanta can do, the most popular are:


Certain aspects of yoga are supportive of women’s needs, especially in easing symptoms of hormonal shifts. It can also improve mood and feeling day in and day out.

Strength Training

Achieve lean, long and strong muscles through strength training. Combined with a healthy diet, you will become stronger and leaner without the increased bulk.


Pilates not only sculpts your abdomen but also ease back pain, improve sports performance, enhance focus, boost brainpower, and increase flexibility.

Ballet Barre

This gives you a full body workout as it mixes elements of dance, functional training, Pilates, and yoga. What is even better is that the movements can be likened to a choreographed dance, complete with motivating music.

For each of these workout for women, there is a studio in Atlanta that offers classes. In fact, a Pure Barre Atlanta gym may also offer the 4 best female workouts in one place.